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Posting Ads



How do I edit or delete my ad?

  1. All ads are edited by use of a link. A link was emailed to you when you first posted your ad.
  2. We highly recommend using your Advertisea manage account to manage your ads. This is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to keep track of your postings.

To register or login to your account using Account manager, click here.

I never received a verification email. Where is it?

  1. Check to see if your verification link(s) are in your bulk, spam or trash folder.
  2. Repost your ad and make sure you have entered your email address correctly.
  3. Your email provider may be experiencing delays.

How can I post anonymously and still receive email replies?

When posting an ad, you have following choices:

  1. In the Ad Post select the E-mail checkbox if you want to get response via E-mail.
  2. In the Ad Post select the Phone checkbox if you want to get response via phone.
  3. We will not display your E-mail Address but instead respondent will use a form to send you a message.
  4. Do not include any email address in Ad description. You will need to provide contact info in the register form.

How can I get my ad in one of the latest Ads section?

All Ads with images have the chance to be displayed automatically in the Latest Ads section.So we encourage you to submit images in your Ad. Everyone's ad has an equal chance to be at the top of the rotation.

How can I post my ad in multiple cities?

There is no restriction in posting Ad in multiple cities,you can post your Ad in multiple cities.

How are ads reported for violating the terms of use?

Ads are monitored by the community. If you feel an ad violates the terms of use, you can report it by contact us form. If enough people report the ad, it will be moderated and the ad could possibly be removed from the site.

What kind of postings violate the terms of use?

For a detailed list, please refer to our terms of use page.

If you have a question regarding an ad you feel violates our terms of use or any laws or regulations in your area, you can contact us.